Multi-Family and HOA Roofs

Why Hire American Roofing of Jacksonville for your Multi-Family Community. Here’s Why…

We are a veteran owned and operated full-service residential and commercial roofing company serving NE Florida. We are committed to making the process of achieving an excellent roof system as painless and headache-free as possible. We understand that this involves all aspects of the roofing experience including excellent craftsmanship, professionalism, trustworthiness, communication, flexible scheduling, cleanliness, safety and the willingness and ability to stand behind our work in the future. We have pursued, hired, and structured our team to deliver that excellence.

A primary focus of American Roofing of Jacksonville is to work cohesively in support of your Property Management Team.  We understand the challenges that you may encounter coordinating and keeping your tenants satisfied during the installation of new roofs.

What makes us stand out from the rest?

  • Tenants Satisfaction always a top priority
  • We use a drivable lift dump trailer to minimize falling debris and increase worksite safety for tenants. (10” wide tires to reduce impact to lawn) providing the highest quality, low cost professional installation
  • Safety and Ground Clean Up Crew on site at all times when crew is on roof working
    • Priority is to keep walkways and driveways clear of debris
    • Run magnets throughout the day to keep nails picked up
    • Assist tenants entering and leaving their home to ensure safety
  • Onsite storage trailer to help keep worksite as clean and neat as possible, hassle free parking lot


Our on-site equipment is second to none!

Keeping the job site organized and clean is absolutely critical! We have the latest equipment that will ensure a professional and highly efficient project that will also save you money.

  • Our self-propelled roofing trailer enables us to increase efficiency, decrease manual labor, and reduce your cost.
  • It provides site owners with a clean, efficient work site, decrease cleanup by 80% or more, and increase overall production by 20-30%. It saves us time, uses less labor and provides for the utmost safe and professional process.
  • It runs on its own 13 horsepower Honda engine enabling us to drive it without being hooked up to a truck. It has a tight turning radius to reach difficult spots and has evenly distributed weight so we won’t leave marks on lawns.
  • Onsite storage / parking is a breeze, providing a hassle free parking lot experience for your tenants.

It’s self-propelled and reaches the most critical areas…

See it in action below…


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