Polyglass Membranes

The leader in self-adhered membrane technology, Polyglass patented a revolutionary method of manufacturing dual compound products known as ADESO Technology. This proprietary manufacturing process creates an aggressive self adhesive under the reinforcement and utilizes glass fiber or polyester reinforcement, with an APP or SBS modified bitumen compound on the top weathering surface. Polyglass developed multiple surfacing solutions (MSS) to provide a variety of unique and customized surfaces that are aesthetically-pleasing, skid-resistant, UV-resistant, energy-efficient, non-abrasive and provide long-term roof top exposure capabilities.

Polyglass ADESO products also feature unique FastLap and SealLap lapping systems. These patented lap systems facilitate a fast, tight and instantaneous seal that insures a dry, permanent bond immediately. The self-adhering properties of these unique membranes provide an alternative to traditional odorous adhesives, hot asphalt or propane torch applications.

Polyglass also manufactures a wide variety of APP and SBS modified asphalt roofing membranes reinforced with polyester and/or fiberglass mat offering excellent tensile strength and dimensional stability. Polyglass roof membrane plies are designed to precisely fit your needs.

Polyglass Membrane Products
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