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American Roofing of Jacksonville is Veteran Owned and Operated highly specializing in residential, commercial and metal roofing in Jacksonville FL.

With this area of expertise and an insurance advisor on call ? all of our employees work in-house and are not subcontracted by third-party vendors translating to a seamless experience for our customers. We look out for your bottom-line and provide you with the highest quality of materials available on the market today. We also use an in-house legal advisor that will work on your behalf making sure you get the right amount you need to properly fix and secure your roof and property.

We have many years of experience proudly serving the Northeast Florida community with new roof installations, roofing repairs, roof replacements, and more. For a customized, professional, and detailed quote, contact us at 904-385-4375 or send us an email to sales@americanroofingjax.com.

At American Roofing of Jacksonville, we believe it is our job to protect your property and provide the best new roof installations, roofing repairs and roof replacements available, and depending on the scope-of-work we have warranties in place to back up what we say we will do.

Our goal is to make sure you recommend the fine work we pride ourselves in one roof at a time. We are accessible, honorable and believe integrity needs to shine through in every job we take on. We deliver results at American Roofing of Jacksonville.
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